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Abe Messer's Icarna League
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Salary Cap Information
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A new type of cap for a new type of league

AMIL will be playing under a "target" salary cap. It focuses on the local players to give a better feel of the game to the fans.

In state cap: It starts at the local level. A five mile radius circle starting from the center of the stadium marks the "local" boundary. Everyone allocated from within this boundary is not charged towards the cap. Then, at a point twenty miles from there, the players are placed under a $70,000,000 cap. Every twenty miles from there, $500,000 is taken from the cap.
Out of state cap: A forty mile radius from the state yields a $5,000,000 cap. Every fifty miles from there equals minus $2,000.
Foriegn allocation yields a $8,000 cap.

This cap is for where the individual has resided for at least two years or, if that is not possible, where that person graduated from college or even high school.

This cap was the brainchild of Abe Messer as he feels that an emphasis on local sports will hit the community closer to home.