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Icarna Rules

Here will tell everything needed to know about icarna

Icarna is played on a regulation (NBA) sized basketball court. It has rings at either end approximately 3 feet from the floor for goal.  The ring is 3 inches in diameter.  The ball is 2-2.5 inches in diameter and made of foam-rubber.

To score, one must put the ball through the ring. Each score is worth one point unless previously mentioned a different value.
Play is divided into 6 periods of ten minutes each. If there is the event of a tie then an extra will be added.
Each team has one "rematch" per game that must be mutually exclusive for both teams and would be played within two days of the previous game. To play the ball, one must pass the ball between his or her hands and run or walk with it. Play starts when the players set up in their positions and the referee bounces the ball in the middle of the court. Then the first team to gain posession would play the ball.

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To score, one must put the ball through the hoop. it is one point per score unless otherwise indicated through a penalty.

Penalties are as follows:
Goaltending (putting your hand in front of the goal)-one point for the other team
Unnecesary roughness-for two minutes, double the points for each shot of opposing team
Traveling (not passing the ball from hand to hand) and out of bounds-play resumes
Over 5 penalties-minus 1/2 point for each penalty


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