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Abe Messer's Icarna League
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Here will be shown the leading players and their accomplishments.

Karl Abraham Messer

Abe Messer

Karl Abraham Messer, or Abe Messer, is the league owner. He plays on the Shasta Gnidder and owns and coaches it as well. His brother, Luke, is also a player. He graduated from Shasta High School and played football, track, and played in band.  He is going to College of the Redwoods in Eureka, CA for the moment.

Stephen Luke Messer

Luke Messer

Luke Messer is currently a resident of Eureka, CA and is the brother of the league owner Abe Messer.  He is a player on the Shasta Gnidder and attends Arcata High School.  He is involved in orchestra.