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Abe Messer's Icarna League
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A new sport with a competitive attitude

Icarna is a sport created by Abe Messer and it is played on a basketball court. A link to the rules site is below.


The teams are:
Shasta Gnidder
Redding Atsahs (pending)
Humboldt County Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoiosis (pending)
Eureka Gold (pending)

In the News

All those interested in playing should contact Abe Messer via e-mail.  His address is on the contact page.  If e-mail is unavailable, there is a guestbook.  If there is someone from Humboldt County that is willing to help with the league, it would be greatly appreceated.
Any team may enter unofficially until the league begins, then a charge will be placed on team owners.  Also, pending teams can be purchased.  Contact Abe for pricing.  Reserved teams will go on sale at a later date.  Remember that no matter what, the league can only provide a schedule at the moment with a championship in the end.  No publicity is assured.  No pending and reserved teams have players or uniforms.  The Shasta Gnidder don't even have a home court or goals.  Still, time will give more options to the field.
Looking for teams to play.  Preferred to be within northern Humboldt County as there is no money to truly travel.  Those that wish to participate should e-mail the league at  Questions of various sorts are welcome.
The first game may end up as a game between College of the Redwoods students, though it wouldn't if more teams joined the league or more players volunteered.  Due to the fact that the goals for the game have yet to be made, though, the game may not be for some time.
More details will be posted later.

Trivia Question

Why the uncanny resemblance to basketball?
Last time: Q: Why the name "icarna?"
A: It was off a whim, a name that has no origin.  It just came.


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